We Live in Interesting Times

There’s an ancient apocryphal Chinese blurse (could be a blessing, could be a curse!) that goes ‘May you live in interesting times’. Well, that’s a pretty succinct way to sum up the present state we all find ourselves in. It’s safe to say that we’ve never experienced a time like this. This is a first for all of us; regardless of age, gender, eye colour, shoe size, whatever. It’s surreal to feel that our wonderfully scary big world has shrunk to a 2 kilometre radius, or even less if you happen to be over 70, have a pre-existing condition or have been unlucky enough to have contracted the COVID-19 virus. It’s certainly going to be an interesting one for the history books!

But as we all sit this one out and try to hold our lives together, the big questions I keep asking myself are how the heck did we get here and how are we all coping with it all?

Some of us might be hiding our heads in the sand, ostrich-style, while many of us might have considered running for the hills and learning how to forage for food. Maybe you’re there already snacking on wild squirrel or the hilariously named ‘fiddleheads’ (foraged fern fronds)! But for some of us, maybe, just maybe, we’re trying to locate and tap into the deep well of resilience (fun fact: Resilience is located on 25th Street in San Diego, California, according to Google Maps) experts say is buried inside each and every one of us, and use it to tread water until we find ourselves back in the warmth of the sea of life that we call ‘normal’. OK, I’ve mixed my water-based metaphors there (and it’s even more ironic because I can’t actually swim) but hopefully you get the point!

Rather than remain in our individual bubbles, isolated from one another, I’m wondering could we share our experiences of living together while apart, during these ‘interesting times’? We could use the attached blog here as a place to record our feelings, capture our thoughts and preserve our memories for future reference, when our world eventually swells back to life-size and we all go back to the lives we may once have thought of as borderline boring, but right now we desperately long for. What do you think?

Mr McLoughlin

Serene and silent, but our school must be a very lonely place at the moment.
A serene and silent St Angela’s College at the moment.