Chainsaws and COVID-19

April 22 2020 Cara O’ Brien Transition Year

Today is Wednesday the 22nd of April, day 42 of being quarantined. I am slowly getting more used to the idea of being in quarantine and am finding ways to keep entertained. I’ve recently begun to take up art, which I’m really enjoying as it help me pass the time these days which seem to never end.

I have set myself many challenges to complete throughout this time, such as learning to do a backflip which I’ve completed (!), learning to drive (and not crashing) and a physical challenge my family has taken up to complete 3000 push ups each in one month, which to the Mathematical geniuses out there is 100 push ups a day! I’m trying hard to keep myself as busy and as active as possible, so I go on daily walks and try to do a run two or three times a week. I’m hoping these challenges and keeping up my fitness will make it easier to get through these times and that I’ll come out of quarantine a healthier, better me. It’s hard not being able to leave the house though ☹.

The one aspect of all this that I’m struggling with the most is not being able to see my friends on a daily basis like I use to before. I try my best to keep in contact by FaceTiming and texting them, but it’s really not the same. What I’m looking forward to the most when this is over is a nice bug hug from each of them and a longggggg catch up. Every Friday night we have a family quiz with all our cousins from Monaghan on Zoom, and it’s a really nice way to get to see everyone and talk to everyone. It’s also nice for my granny and grandad because its especially hard for them cocooning and not being able to see anyone.

Where I live in Whitechurch we are very lucky as there have been no known cases of COVID-19 yet, and as a community we are doing a very good job of obeying the guidelines set out by the government. Overall, I think Ireland is doing well at delaying the spread of the virus compared to some other countries.

Once or twice my friend has cycled over to my house with her sister for a chat and to escape our families for a while. We close the gates and sit on picnic mats, keeping 2 meters apart. It feels like we are in prison. It is still really nice to be able to talk to them in real life for a change, even if we are physically far apart, but we know we have to for the benefit of others.

Yesterday, we had a very dramatic day as my dad dropped a chainsaw on his foot doing gardening and work around the house and had to be rushed to the hospital. We all got a huge shock and, due to COVID-19, it made this scarier for our family, because not only are we concerned about his operation, we also worried that he could possibly contract this virus from other patients, the doctors or nurses at the hospital. He is having his operation today and will be home soon, so please God he will be okay and it will all go to plan.