We Will Come Out of This Closer & Stronger

April 24 2020 Ruth McKeone Transition Year

It’s been a month and a few days since the Irish Government put strict regulations in place to help prevent the coronavirus, COVID-19. This is a very strange time, and by now most of us have adapted to this new situation quite well. As a country we pride ourselves on being friendly and social, but we found this challenge hard at first. However, it is fundamental to preventing the spread of the virus any further, which will in turn save many lives. To maintain our friendly status, we have shown many ways as a country that we are all still united and strong.

As all non-essential businesses close, many struggle with the financial consequences, and employees and business owners worrying about whether they will lose their jobs or have to close their business permanently. One way the government is relieving some of this stress is by giving a sum of money to employees every week until the regulations have eased and they are able to open up again. Another way that the government is helping people during this time is by freezing rents for the time being.

Luckily Ireland is prevailing through this struggle, and everyone is doing their bit to help. Helping others who are at a higher risk during this time is vital. I know that we will come out stronger as a community, especially when I hear heart-warming stories of restaurants around Ireland using their kitchens to provide meals for

the elderly who are forced to cocoon, and for healthcare workers who are putting their lives on the line to help others.

For the most part, everyone wants to take part in boosting morale in any way we can: with social media fundraisers such as 5 kilometres runs and donating €5 to charities helping to fight the coronavirus. They are great ways to involve ourselves and our nation. We must not forget about charities who need us the most at this time, to protect people who are most vulnerable. Many people are buying groceries for their neighbours, like my Mom. Fortunately, I live next to my Nan, so we are able to buy groceries for her and my aunt is also staying with her for the remainder of this quarantine as she also lives near us. My mom is also buying groceries for an older neighbour of ours who is cocooning.

By following the regulations set in place by the government we will protect ourselves, our family, our friends, our neighbours and our nation, who are also doing their best to protect you and I right now. I believe that, yes, financially Ireland will struggle but morally, we will come out a lot closer and stronger.