Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands

April 24 2020 Rachel O’ Connor Transition Year

There’s no denying we’re now in very strange times. This is something we have never experienced before, a global pandemic, a worldwide shutdown. It’s crazy how just two months ago I was struggling not to break my legs coming down a ski slope, and now I spend all of my time indoors. It was such a quick shift I don’t think any of us expected for it to happen so quickly.

Front-line Workers

While it may not seem ideal to stay indoors, away from our family and friends, we should all be so grateful to the workers on the front line; doctors, nurses, shop employees etc. Even though we can remain in the comfort of our homes, these essential staff are out risking their health to keep us safe. That’s why it is so infuriating when you see people outside not social distancing and putting everyone else at risk by further spreading the virus. These doctors and nurses are working so hard to contain the spread of the virus and some people need to take this lockdown more seriously. It’s also important to remember that there are homeless people sleeping on the streets who are at a very high risk of catching the virus and they should not be overlooked. So please stay inside and play your part.

Quarantine Activities

I think in quarantine you could nearly drive yourself mad. You’re stuck inside with your family with nothing to do. I mean, you’re bound to go a bit insane. So, after I slept in bed for about two weeks, I decided I should probably try and use my time wisely.

First, I started taking my dog Billie on more walks because, let’s be honest, we both needed the exercise. It was a great time to clear my head, get some fresh air and enjoy some time with my dog.                                                        

I’ve always enjoyed art, and there’s no better time to destroy your bedroom with paint than now, so of course I decided I had to paint my mirror leopard print! This definitely occupied my time and hurt my back, but I really enjoyed it.

I’ve done other things like cooking, listening to music, watching movies, calling my Nana and struggling to understand Maths, and while all of these things have been great ways to take up my time, I think if you come out of quarantine having just talked to some friends and taking some time to rest, that’s more than enough. Hopefully this will all be over soon, so please stay safe, stay inside and wash your hands!