The World Frisbee Championships in Sweden Have Been Cancelled

April 24 2020 Orna Mahony Transition Year

Wow! Well, what a time we live in. Just over 6 weeks ago, on the Thursday before St Patrick’s Day, we were all sent home from school when they were ordered to close until the 29th of March. However, it is currently the week of the 20th of April and we will not be returning to school until May 5th at the very least. I must admit, I do miss school. Wow! I never thought I would be writing those words! I miss seeing my friends every day, I miss having fun in class with the teachers, and I am missing our planned activities. Unfortunately, I was sick for all of October, missing the trip to Knock, the cinema and the few days in Kenmare, so my TY has been slightly underwhelming!

Although we are at home and somewhat isolated, I believe we are all united. I feel this is a very unique situation because, for once, the whole country, if not the majority of the world, is feeling the same way. Personally, I think this is very interesting.

When it comes to keeping busy during this time, I have been doing a lot. My older brother is home from college, which is a great source of distraction you could say. We spend a lot of time together, playing frisbee or doing fitness, in the hope that we will have some (thought possibly very short) season of frisbee playing into the late summer or autumn. Of course, the majority of our season has been cancelled, including the world championships I was to be travelling to in Sweden in late July.

Another thing I have been doing to keep myself busy during this lockdown is spending a lot of time with the horses. I really treasure this time, because if I were in school, I would not have the time or the motivation to spend this much time with them. It is really nice and relaxing to be able to go out on the horse when you need to clear your head. Of course, I am not doing anything too high-risk like jumping, just in case anything happens. I do not want to be adding any more strain on the health service! It is very therapeutic to take the horse out the road for a hack, and soak in the beautiful countryside around us. I consider that I am extremely grateful to be living in the countryside during this time. It gives me great opportunities to embrace country living and appreciate mother earth.

With my mother working in a hospital during this time with COVID-19 patients I understand everyone really has to stay at home. I feel everyone is making a great effort. It is boring at times, but in the long run it will be worth it. I am trying to stay positive and keep those around me positive. Stay safe everyone!