Who Needs 50 Jumbo Packs of Toilet Paper?

April 24 2020 Milica Milćič Transition Year

A month and a half ago, the world was a completely different place. We could go out and see our friends and family, go to school, eat at any restaurant and travel anywhere we wanted. We listened to the news talking about a virus that was spreading in China, but didn’t pay much attention because we never thought it would turn out to be any more than an average everyday bug or virus. Oh, how naive and wrong we were, taking our freedom for granted.

And now, a month and a half later, I think everybody on this planet knows the term ‘COVID-19’, the virus that spread across the whole world and forced you to stay at home. It has caused a global crisis, risking people’s lives and whole countries’ economies.

COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has completely changed my lifestyle. I’ve had to adapt to spending all of my days at home, not being able to see any of my friends and finding ways to keep myself entertained at home. I’ve definitely watched more movies than I would like to admit, but I’ve also spent a considerable amount of time with my family. We are all at home now, so we do more things together, liking play games and going on walks, and I’m incredibly grateful as we’re becoming even closer and bonding better as a family.

As I have plenty of time to spare, I’ve started being more creative and tried out some new things. I bought a book for Scratch art, which I’ve never done before. In the book there are pictures that are covered in black acrylic paint, that you scrape off while doodling on it. The colour comes out from beneath and once you’ve finished you end up with a phenomenal piece of artwork. It’s a great way to spend your time at home!

It’s mind-blowing, looking at how fast the whole world has gone into a tail-spin due to coronavirus. People began to buy heaps of items from stores that they won’t ever need, like a thousand rolls of toilet paper. I think it’s absurd and selfish of people buying 50 packs of toilet roll for themselves that would last them a lifetime, leaving nothing for other people who have none.

I think many countries have taken control over their amount of cases of COVID-19, but many are still yet to improve. I think Ireland’s situation isn’t improving yet, as the number of confirmed cases and deaths keep rising every day. If everybody in the country stayed at home for four weeks, the virus would be gone, but there are always people who refuse to listen, meaning the virus will continue spiralling around and keep us at home for months. The most ironic part about it, is that the people who are still continuing to break the rules and see others, are the same people who will complain about not being able to have a good summer because of the virus!