Don’t Worry, I Won’t Mention You Know What

April 24 2020 Marie O’ Sullivan Transition Year

I miss everything.

I miss seeing my friends, seeing my cousins, going to training, going to drama, going to town, looking forward to concerts and matches during the summer because they’re all cancelled, planning what we were going to do on the Camino…basically everything.

I even miss school and work, which is saying something, because normally I’m singing a completely different tune about both of those two places. I have begun to realise that I honesty don’t dislike school (just certain aspects of it) and that, in fact, I really like working at a restaurant (even if my boss is a bit challenging).

But in reality, being in quarantine is not that bad for me. I am fortunate enough to be living in the countryside, so whenever I can’t take any more of my family I can just go out for a long walk. I don’t think I would be able to cope if I lived in the city because, although I know it is quiet now, I find the countryside so peaceful. I live next to my uncle’s farm, so every now and again he calls me to do free manual labor and I don’t even mind it one bit because calves are really, really cute (although I did have an incident that involved me driving the tractor and a mangled gate so I will be avoiding the tractor at all costs from now on). I’ve also been doing some baking and cooking, and it turns out I’m not that bad at it, as in most of the food is edible, so that’s quite a surprise! Also, my sister has been making most of the dinners recently. They are UNREAL, and they are also healthy, so it’s a win-win.

Our GAA coach started fitness training extra early this season, so by the time it came to play the matches we would be able to run rings around the other teams, but now because of the restrictions, training has obviously been postponed. Our coaches are definitely not going to let all the hard work go to waste, however, so they have sent us on workout regimes, so at least I’m getting some exercise.

But I am so lucky that, although nearly everyone else is unable to see their grandparents, a few of my cousins and I get to see our granny and gran-aunt regularly, because my granny is almost immobile and Julia is quite old so we call over and either make their dinner or supper or clean the place. I am so grateful to be able to visit them even though it isn’t for the best reasons.

Since the lockdown started, I have started to go on many walks or runs, and I feel as though it kind of calms me a bit during this stressful time. My favourite time to go for a walk is just when the sun is setting because the sky is so beautiful.

Although this period is a scary time to live in, I think that we should try to count our blessings where we can. Like, we are very lucky to be living in a country that is taking the appropriate measures towards stopping this pandemic, and I am really lucky because recently my mom and my sister were in quite a severe crash but, thankfully, they are now doing great. So just think about all the ways that you are blessed next time you get too stressed.

An example of my baking!