When Waving at Your Grandparents Becomes a Privilege

April 222020 Kayanna Morrissey Transition Year

Tomorrow we will officially have been in quarantine for a total of 6 weeks, and I must say they’ve been 6 weeks like no other. You all of a sudden go from having a set weekly schedule, the right to be able to see friends and family and a freedom to go anywhere you want in the city, to all of sudden being confined within 2km of your house and having to social distance from anyone who doesn’t live in your household. Waving at your grandparents once a week from the car becomes a privilege and technology becomes close to the only source of communication. You all of a sudden wish you could do the weekly shopping with your mom, which you usually hate, and for the first time ever you actually want to be in school. You have to teach yourself a whole new way of living!

I, along with my 2 sisters, are really active and have dance almost every day of the week. We spend our days anywhere but inside our own house, whether we are out with our friends, at school, dance or just out and about, we are always doing something, which in the beginning made it really hard to adjust. We dyed our hair, learned how to bake, took part in online dance classes, tried to become artists and the list continues full of all the new hobbies that we’ve attempted to take up. There’s a new one almost every day.

This world pandemic may have come and put a strain on our everyday lives but it has certainly taught us a lot. When restrictions are lifted and this is all over, we will cherish moments spent with grandparents and friends. We will no longer complain about having to go to school or to help mom with the weekly shop and we will see it all as a privilege. We will never again take anything for granted and our whole outlook on life will be more positive. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people and to be here today, and sometimes it takes something as serious as this to make us realise that.