Prolonging the Lockdown

April 24 2020 Anna Colbert Transition Year

On Thursday the 13th of March, Leo Varadkar broadcast to the country that all schools would be closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. This announcement seemed to come out of nowhere, and I certainly was not expecting it. At the time, it seemed as though he was being over-zealous. Of course, now we know the devastating reality of the situation. I am very grateful that all of my close and extended family members are healthy and in good form. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy for the last few weeks, by reading books, going for runs, keeping up with my schoolwork and spending time with my family. Although this quarantine can feel quite isolating at times, I truly feel that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn a skill that you had always wanted to but never seemed to have the time. If you look at the situation optimistically, never again in our generation will we have months on end where you can’t leave your house. For some people it could truly be a blessing in disguise.

It is shocking to me how some people in the U.S.A are protesting the lockdown. The USA has the most COVID-19 cases internationally and it seems as though many are not taking it as seriously as most other countries. They are in a full lockdown for now, but some states are already easing restrictions by reopening beaches, parks and small businesses in the coming days. The protesters are concerned about the economy, which is understandable. Many are citing President Trump and saying that the cure cannot be worse than the virus. I believe that although this prolonged lockdown will have detrimental effects on the economy, it is warranted when you consider the countless lives that would be lost if we just ignored the virus.

Leo Varadkar has said that the government is working on a plan to reopen the economy as safely as possible. There may be some risks involved, however we can’t live in an endless lockdown. There has to be some sort of end. I am very worried that even if we manage to stop this first wave of the virus, it will come back again and we will be back in this same position, months or even a year from now. No one knows what is to come in the coming weeks, or months, I just hope that some sort of vaccine can be created so we can return to our everyday lives.