My COVID-19 Watch Started in January!

April 24 2020 Aisling O’ Sullivan Transition Year

I am a worrier. So you can bet when COVID-19 first came to our attention, I was worried. I went straight to my phone and did my research. I knew where it was, what it was, who was likely to get it and more. At this stage it was only in China.  I even found a website with a live map of what was happening.

                               This is a screenshot for me worrying on the 30th of January

Even when I went skiing in February I had hand sanitizer and gloves at the ready. Now in saying all this, I have a slightly weak immune system, which is naturally a small bit worrying.

When I heard it was after reaching Ireland I was actually not as worried because I had done all of my research and felt somewhat prepared and less stressed out about the situation.

Since I have been in quarantine I just feel like I’m in a bubble because I haven’t seen anything or know anyone that has it. But I have been coping fairly well. I, surprisingly, have only been flat out bored a few days. I have been baking, running, playing games, watching movies, playing basketball and so much more that I wouldn’t have regularly done before.

                                             Brownies that I baked over quarantine

But one thing I am getting bored of is not seeing my friends and family. Even with things like FaceTime I still miss everyone so much because it’s not the same, and I know that this isn’t ending anytime soon.  But I know it’s important to stay away, so that’s what we have to do. I think that as a country we are doing well in slowing the spread by following the advice and instructions we are given.

I also think that anyone working on the frontline should know that everyone is grateful. They are working harder than ever with no benefits at all. I also think everyone owes it to them to at least stay inside and to practice social distancing and take precautions because, while it’s great that you are off school and you might think its OK to meet up with friends, if you take the risk you’re putting those workings at risk as well.

I think if we all just do our part we will be fine.