Perfecting the Art of the Apple Tart

April 24 2020 Aine O’ Hara Transition Year

I think I’m only starting to get used to the situation now. At the start, I didn’t know how to cope, but by now I’ve kind of got a quarantine routine. I try to keep my days as busy as possible to avoid looking at every single news item and fake news. I do realise, though, that it is one of the most serious and scary things to ever happen in my lifetime, and it amazing to see the world come together as one, but also ironic because everyone is the most separated they have ever been in their whole life. Especially Irish people, because it’s not our usual way.

It hasn’t had the biggest impact on my family as my mam and dad are both essential workers. So everyday that they go to work I have a lot to keep me busy at home. It’s kind of having an impact on me as my day doesn’t have the same structure as it normally does. It has had an impact on my friendships as I can’t see my friends. I try to stay in contact with them and we FaceTime a lot.  To pass the time I do a lot of baking and try to exercise every day by going for a walk or a run while staying within the 2km. My dog especially enjoys our family walks!  

Over the last few weeks as well as doing school work I’ve started baking a lot more, and I have finally perfected an apple tart. I’ve used a lot of recipes over time to try to make the perfect tart for my dad, but this one is the best I’ve ever found.

Here’s an apple tart I made during the week using the recipe linked.

I think as a nation we are coping very well. Everyone is supporting each other through these strange times. Everyone is helping to make sure the elderly and more vulnerable are able to cocoon as advised.  People are staying inside and obeying the lockdown rules to make sure this can end as soon as possible. One thing I know for certain is that when this is over I will always remember clapping for the healthcare workers, and most of the park I live in took part. It was very moving and amazing to witness. These times seem alien to us now, but I’m glad everyone realises that it will get better and life will return, but for now we must do everything we can to protect each other.