Watch Out Penneys, Here We Come!

April 24 2020 Amy Ring Transition Year

Ireland has more less been in lockdown since the 13th of March. After I heard the news of schools closing for two weeks, I was not that disappointed. I thought this was going to be a relaxing two weeks off school, and after that it would be back to normality, which we know now was certainly not the case. At the start it was only a partial lockdown. I was careful when going to the supermarkets, and when I went to my grandparents’ house I sat on the windowsill and talked to them from a distance. The weather started to improve, and it was inevitable that the beaches were going to get busy, which had its consequences.

As soon as the Government decided to clamp down on the restrictions, I knew then that this was getting serious. The small things that I took for granted like going to town to go shopping or going for something to eat with my granny suddenly felt like they would never happen again. I woke up everyday thinking “How has it gotten this serious?”. I feel as if I am on a massive movie set and that suddenly it will all be over. The harsh reality for me to come to terms with is that COVID-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon.

The Coronavirus has literally impacted everything. Everyone has felt the effects of it in their lives. I find it very unsettling how no one knows what the future holds. One of the things that my family and I have found hard to deal with is just last month my aunt had her 3rd baby, Tadhg. I have not had the chance to see him or even hold him yet. He is already a month old and the closest I have gotten to him was just a few pictures and videos my aunt has been sending us. It’s especially difficult for my grandparents to deal with, knowing that there is nothing they can do but wait for all of this to be over to hold him.

I really do think that the virus will change people’s lives forever. It will certainly change mine. Never again will I take anything for granted. I cannot wait to go to Penneys and get a cup of coffee in town again. My mom, granny and I will take Penneys by storm, I’d say.