122K Views and 17k Likes!

April 24 2020 Aimee Byrd Transition Year

When Leo Varadkar announced that we wouldn’t have school for two weeks, everyone was jumping out of their seats ready to have an early Easter. I love staying at home, but I was upset I wouldn’t see my friends for a while. I didn’t expect to not see anyone for another 3 weeks after that…and then another 3!

This is a challenging time to adapt to as I am a people person. I love going out, hanging out with my friends and extended family. My mum works in a hospital and has been coming home late and going to work extremely early, so I’ve learned to stop complaining about how hard it is for us when it is much harder for health workers. Anyways, this is what I have been doing to try keep myself busy:


I have been working very hard at my drawing skills during quarantine as it is a major component of my future career path. I used to have an Instagram account that I would post my art onto, but I recently deleted it. Instead I decided to start up a TikTok account as nearly the whole world is on it at the moment because of the circumstances. I posted a drawing of Kylie Jenner I made and it got 1000 views! I thought I was viral, but then I posted a drawing of the singer Madison Beer and it has reached over 122k views and 17k likes!!! From then onwards, my drawings have been receiving a lot of recognition. Even a famous TikToker has commented and liked one of my drawings. I am very proud of myself as I have been waiting for this to happen to me for 3 years now.

My wall of drawings


I love to exercise! It’s something I do almost every day. I made up my own exercise routine a year ago, inspired by my conditioning in gymnastics before I quit. The routine helped me lose weight and the excess muscle I had from gymnastics. I realised that my body has gotten used to the workout so I looked some up on the internet. I found the ‘Chloe Ting 2 Week Ab Challenge on YouTube so I decided to try it. It’s been almost 2 weeks and it has really shown results! I’ve been recommending it to all my friends and family, and now my mum does it with me every night too. I like focusing on my legs too so I also do a leg workout that works really well too.

I really miss school and my friends but I am adapting as best I can. For the first time ever, I am wishing for school to come back! I really do wish we can go back to school before summer because I am moving school in September so I won’t be with any of my classmates and friends again.