Think Twice Before You Complain

April 24 2020 Sasha O’Keeffe Transition Year

I had intended on starting off this blog post by telling you what day of quarantine we are in, but at this stage I’ve lost count. Everyday seems to be merging into one, and I often find myself questioning the timing of past events; ‘Did that happen yesterday or the day before?’ Although this bizarre period of my life is, for the most part boring, it has also given me heaps of time to cogitate the changes that the outbreak of COVID-19 will have on my life. I think it truly is amazing how we as a nation are dealing with this pandemic – a situation we were given little-to-no-time to consider how to adapt to. Despite the effects COVID-19 has had on my daily social, academic and personal life I believe I am coping well with this major inconvenience. I have tried my best to maintain a positive mindset and, for the majority of the time, I feel I have been successful in this, which has undoubtedly helped me get through this lockdown so far.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had several drastic effects on my life – most of these changes occurring within my social life. I am no longer able to see my friends or family, and this has been a difficult circumstance to readjust to, as it would be something I ordinarily devote a lot of my free time to doing. I’m not going to tell a lie, it’s not been easy to go six whole weeks without any real life interactions with anyone other than my immediate family. I have found past-times to occupy me in the meantime however.

Apart from the considerable amount of homework I have been receiving through e-mail from my teachers, I have had time to listen to new music. This is my favourite thing to do in my free time, so I’ve come to really appreciate the time I’m getting to explore genres and discover new artists. I’ve also been drawing and painting a lot. I find this activity very relaxing – it gives me peace of mind. I hope to have the time to continue this new positive habit I’ve developed as it has really benefited my mental health. I have also been enjoying going for walks (within 2 kilometres of my home, of course!). Below you’ll find some pictures I took recently while on my walks.

I believe this lockdown is rough on everyone to some extent, however I do not have it as hard as others do during this time. Front line workers in hospitals and emergency services, for example, are working diligently through this unusual time in our lives. It is important to think of those people and the admirable work they are doing for our nation. I wish I could thank all of these extraordinary people personally as I believe they do not get the recognition they deserve.

So, in conclusion, I would think twice before complaining about how bored I am at home these days.