Getting Into a New Quarantine Routine

April 20 2020 Robyn Morrissey 2nd Year

Switching from my old routine to a new quarantine routine was quite hard. On an average day before quarantine I would see family in the morning, then go to school to see most of my friends and be there for 7 hours. Then I would go to dance and I usually wouldn’t get back home until around 9 pm. I always saw my grandparents at least once a week and I was always out with friends and family. So switching from this really hectic routine to being stuck in my house was really weird at first.

Although I am used to the life in quarantine now it was hard at the start because I missed dance, family, friends, and even school, but I also came to realise the people who put us in quarantine are just trying to keep us safe and do what’s best for us.

Online school was pretty challenging at the start because it was hard to keep myself motivated, but as time went on things became easier. It’s simply part of my everyday routine now. Online dance has been pretty good because I take all the classes with my older sister Kayanna, and I get to talk to all the friends I haven’t seen in weeks.

So, although quarantine has been tough, it has also been very useful. So far, I have started to learn how to bake, play piano and so much more. Me and my sisters have also taken part in various online challenges to keep ourselves occupied such as running 5 km.

An Easter cakes me and my sister made during quarantine