Some Days, I Just Want to Keep Walking and Never Stop

April 20 2020 Anne Sheehan 2nd Year

I hate quarantine. It sucks! I have no motivation to do anything. I feel like I can’t do anything and I know it’s for our own good, but every once in a while, I just want to walk outside and not stop walking just so I don’t have to spend all my time inside.

I’m honestly scared of this virus. Not only do I have to take precautions for my own health and safety but I have to be extremely careful as my dad is a diabetic and the coronavirus could seriously impact him and his health. My family and I have taken a lot of precautions to try and prevent us from contracting the virus. My dad wears a mask and gloves whenever he goes outside our house and we all wear gloves if we are going to the shops or going outside for something. We have to disinfect everything once we get back home so we take our shoes off outside and leave them outside. Once we get home we have to take off all our items of clothing and wash them straight away. We then go straight into the shower so that there is no virus or bacteria on our body.

I honestly hate online school. I feel like I struggle with keeping myself focused and getting my work done by myself and submitted it on time. Before we actually left school because of coronavirus I thought online school was going to be so easy, but now I realise how challenging it actually is. I feel as if I can never keep myself focused on my work and I find myself getting distracted really easily at home. At the start of online school I would try and do all my work in the assigned class time, but then I realised that so much of the work that the teachers were assigning they would normally talk us through in class to help us, but now we have to rely on ourselves. I find myself still struggling with getting all the notes from all the teachers down in the forty-minute class time.

I miss my friends a lot. I honestly kind of miss school, the classes, the atmosphere and the people. I didn’t think I would miss school when we first were put in quarantine but I honestly miss it: the constant chats and giggles that my friends and I shared. I really miss rowing, most of my closest friends are from rowing. I miss the way that I could go to training at the club after a bad day and just let go of everything and get lost in the sport. I miss the support from my friends and coaches. Even though my family got to take an ‘erg’ and a bike from the club home for quarantine they honestly don’t feel the same and I find myself not having a lot of motivation to do much. I love my sport but it is definitely weird not having my friends with me while on my ‘erg’.

All in all, I’m not a big fan of coronavirus or quarantine and I can’t wait to get out and see my friends and be back in school again.