Selfish and Selfless Acts

April 20 2020 Emma Cannon Lynch 2nd Year

When I first heard of COVID-19, I really thought nothing of it. I thought it was just a kind of common cold and that it would not really affect us, or the whole world! I, like many others, really underestimated it. If I knew that it was destined to last this length of time, I would have hugged my friends goodbye that little bit tighter.

Firstly, I want to talk about the frontline workers. There are so many frontline workers who are risking their own lives every day for us. These people are doing such amazing work on the frontline, caring for COVID-19 patients and making them better again. These workers are spending all day and night caring for anyone they can. I really would love to do something in return for these workers as I really do want to thank them for what they are doing. I think it is so amazing how they are doing this. It has to be affecting them physically and mentally, working in the middle of this pandemic. They come home with marks on their faces from the masks, and it is not like they can just forget about what happened during the day. It has to be affecting their home life too. A lot of people are going back to being a doctor or a nurse to help out. One example is Terrie Mc Evoy, who went back to being a nurse and Leo Varadkar, who went back to being a doctor. I personally think this is so amazing that they are literally changing their who life to help in this pandemic and help to reduce the number of cases. Of course, there are lots of people doing this whose names we do not know, so I would like to say a big thank you to them too. Lots of people are also temporarily moving to be at a hospital that is in need of more nurses or doctors, which I also think is a kind and selfless by people who are doing this for us and our country.

I also want to talk about the people who aren’t taking this seriously. I see people my age going out to friends where they live. I would love to go out and see my friends after weeks away from them, but I know that it will save lives if I stay indoors. Some people are being very selfish. If younger people were at high risk, there is no doubt in my mind that all the older generation would do anything to keep us safe. I just think it is very selfish of people who are increasing the risk of more cases and of getting it themselves or giving it to their parents, or even their grandparents. I really don’t think they would like if their grandparents got it. It’s people like this that are making it worse. If they don’t stay inside it is going to be even longer that we have to isolate and be in self-quarantine.