I’m Learning to Teach Myself Maths!

April 20 2020 Ellie Twomey 2nd Year

Everyone seems to have a different opinion or perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic but I believe it is a very serious issue and deserves our full attention. I strongly feel we should stay home and isolate from others outside of the members of our household. Staying at home is essential as we still don’t have a vaccine.

I think our government is doing the right thing by putting us in lockdown as it is the only way to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. In my opinion I don’t think we will end up going back to school on the 5th of May, and although I am enjoying being out of it, I would like to get back as a second-year student at some stage this year. However, I understand it is very unlikely and probably not what’s best for our health and the health of the vulnerable in society. I would love if we went back on the 20th of May, but this probably won’t happen. The last few days of school are always the best!

I can’t decide whether I miss school or not. I don’t miss being tired and run down but I do miss my friends and I miss the fun times in school. However, online school is very stressful! It’s a pandemic and we are all dealing with a lot of change and we are all anxious about what’s happening in the world, not seeing our loved ones and worrying about our grandparents and facing bad news everyday about our loved ones or others, but we are getting an abundance of work and some students are struggling to keep up. Just before the Easter break was an extremely stressful time. We were getting work every day and I would spend about three hours on each subject and I felt like I was falling behind, but I do think the weekly system where school work is emailed to us works now, although it is still a lot of work and far more than we would do on an ordinary day in school . It is also very challenging in subjects like Maths, where you have to teach yourself something and no one at home knows how to do it!

I think I’m now managing well, although I am a bit stressed about the uncertainty of it all but, to be honest, I’m not concerned about myself. I really worry about the over 70’s and the vulnerable in society and I fear that they are not managing well.

I think more restaurants and food outlets will begin to open and gradually things will start opening again over time, but I also fear that many will shut down. I think secondary schools and colleges will just not open up as we have the option to do online lessons and exams, but I think primary schools will have to open up at some stage as it is not as easy for them to do online learning. I think society will never be the same again. We have developed new habits and we will begin to be more cautious. I don’t think it will just be like one day everything is fine and we run on the streets and hug each other. Maybe we can do so with family and close friends, but I think this is something that won’t just happen straight away. I am concerned that we won’t have a good summer. I don’t even think we can go on holidays and we have already had to cancel a couple of breaks. I will be very upset if we are on lockdown over summer and I really hope that this is unlikely.

I am shocked at how long we have been out of school for. When we left school, it felt like winter and now we are nearly into May and I think once it’s May it’s summer time!

I think this will have a massive economic impact and I think we are looking at another recession. The cost of the coronavirus will be damaging to our economy and many have already lost their jobs and many businesses will shut down because of this. I really hope we return to normal soon.