Single Player Table Tennis

April 20 2020 Alice Duggan 2nd Year

It has been hard the past few weeks. I have not been able to see any of my friends and family. It is hard as I don’t have any brothers or sisters so I don’t have anyone near my age to do simple things like play a game of table tennis or other activities with two people, which is a lot of activities when you think about it. So, I have resorted to playing table tennis against the wall!

The thing that I find hardest about this whole quarantine is that I miss socialising and playing sports. I try to keep indoors. Contact with my friends has helped, but I know that no meeting up with them means that we have a better chance of a good summer when we can (hopefully) meet up every day. I am also going on a walk every day with my mum to get exercise and I walk another lady’s dog because she can’t go out and walk it. I feel that even though it is hard for families it is bringing everyone closer.

I have tried my best to learn new skills and hobbies such as cooking and baking and I have even mastered the skill of drinking a whole raw egg as part of an Instagram challenge! I also ran 5k to support the HSE. I have been doing a lot of baking and I have tried a lot of new foods as well. Here is one of my efforts below. Enjoy!