The Luck of the Irish?

April 20 2020 Sarah Crean 2nd Year

People always look at our county as carefree and happy. ‘Sure, we’ve got the luck of the Irish’, they might have said, but when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic we’re not so easygoing after all. I think that when we first heard about it, we took it as a joke. I know myself, and I know that me and my friends took all our time together for granted because we never expected it to come to this.

Taking those days for granted was one of my worst mistakes. I can remember driving to school countless mornings during February and learning on the news that the coronavirus was bringing Italy to its knees. And I suppose that’s when I realised that it was coming. It was playing a waiting game with us and one day it all just happened.

All over social media, the newspapers, the talk of the town, someone in Ireland had been diagnosed with the coronavirus. People freaked out because we knew it was coming, but when it did actually arrive we didn’t know what to do. We were still in school, still allowed to go out, still allowed to see our friends but we knew it wouldn’t last long, and we unknowingly played the waiting game. And then it just happened. Leo Varadkar announced that schools would be closing until the 29th of March, not that long right? I’m sitting here on the 20th of April with the hope that I’ll see my friends again on the 5th of March, but nothings is certain.

Online school, social distancing, essential journeys, 2km outside your home, they’re all new terms we’ve had to add to our everyday language. It’s all we hear, from our parents, our friends and the authorities. It’s scary, this is really, really scary. I’m 14 and experiencing a global pandemic, and we will never forget this. We will never forget how many new friends we made, how it brought our families closer together and how it brought us closer together as a nation.

This will create a new normal that may never end, but we won’t take days with our friends and families for granted again. There is a very long road ahead, but together, as one, backing our frontline workers, doing our part by following guidelines, I am certain we will get there.

We will get to see our loved ones again, we will go back to school, we will get our lives back, we will do it!