Lockdown Life

April 20 2020 Orlaith O’Neill 2nd Year

My COVID-19 lockdown experience is most likely the same as everyone else. My routine begins with waking up at 8.30 for online school and sitting there for the whole day doing work because we get A LOT OF work. Then take a break for lunch and then dinner, get stressed because you have no idea what you are doing, so instead you procrastinate by watching Netflix, Disney Plus, YouTube or just scrolling on TikTok. Then realise it is due the next day and panic a little. So, then you stay up until midnight finishing it. But then sleeping in until 12pm on the weekends. Phew!

But personally, I think the hardest thing about this whole lockdown is not being able to see your friends. Yes, we have Snapchat, FaceTime, and House Party, but we cannot go shopping in town with them or go to get Starbucks with them or just hang out at each other’s houses. This is hard for us teenagers because we need our social lives. But we are doing the right thing by staying home and keeping everyone safe.

In the past I hated reading. I found it boring, but I’ve started to read my first book in ages and I am not finding it boring and it is not a school novel! I am not sure if that is because I am already bored or the book is actually really good! I have tried cooking, but just the once!