A Good Book + a Back Garden = TAN!

April 20 2020 Nicole Dinan 2nd Year

If u listen to the news I’m sure u will agree with me that it’s mostly negative. Listening to all the fixtures on COVID-19 (how many people have died, confirmed cases, events being cancelled etc.) can actually make you depressed and no one wants that when there are so many amazing opportunities available, now you have more time. I’m learning how to touch type and also I have decided to become fluent in French.

Yes, I know it is upsetting; I’m sure every one of you had plans that are now cancelled due to the virus. I was supposed to run for Ireland for my first time in Scotland on the 21st of March but, unfortunately, it’s been cancelled. Yes, I will admit I was down in the dumps for a bit but I know there are better times ahead.  Everyone is focusing on the negatives. We need to see the bright side of the situation, like having more bonding time with family, learning new skills and expanding our knowledge, more exercise etc. Once we see the all the good and exciting things we can do we can spread our energy and happiness to brighten up other people’s quarantine.

COVID-19 has made me realise how much that I take for granted. Missing my friends both in school and in activities made me understand just how much I didn’t value it. I assumed I would get to see them every week, laughing and joking with them all the time. Now I know that it can all disappear so quickly. But for me it hasn’t gone away, it’s just changed. I’ve become closer with my younger sisters and older brother. Now I joke and laugh with them. Right now we are closer than we have ever been and I am thankful for that.

There are times when it’s hard and u need some space so that’s why I love my daily runs. I can blow off some steam and I’m always buzzing after one. I also do some workouts. It’s a great way to get the space you need and stay active. Also, with the great weather recently I’ve been reading outside in the sun chairs and I’m getting a great tan and enjoying all my books. Get out there and enjoy it!

It’s so easy to contact people these days with technology so make use of it. Just last night we FaceTimed my uncle and his wife in America. We haven’t seen them in ages and we have never Face Timed. It was great to catch up with them. Sometimes COVID-19 can bring us closer together!