I’ve Baked Everything Under the Sun

(aka Learning to Learn at Home)

April 20 2020 Hollie Healy 2nd Year

On the 12th March students and teachers all across Ireland found out about the school closures because of COVID-19. We were all excited, no school for at least two weeks! But we didn’t know at the time how long this was going to last, and we definitely didn’t know about the lack of interaction we’d have with people outside our family.

After one week of self-isolation I had nothing left to do. I had done and redesigned my room three times, watched all the best Disney movies and I had baked everything under the sun! Although quarantine is boring I think myself and everyone else understands how important it is to just stay in.

Coronavirus is affecting everyone’s life, our elderly people are cocooning, people with underlying conditions can’t leave their houses and students are learning to learn from home. I think the hardest part of isolating is not being able to see our grandparents.

I hope that coronavirus is gone by the summer. I’d love to get back to normal and to be able to see my friends and my grandparents. I think right now we need to play our part and stay at home to help save lives and to help all our brave nurses and all the other HSE workers.