A Girl Can Only Dream!

April 20 2020 Hannah McSweeney 2nd Year

We got off school on the 12th of March and thought we would be back 2 weeks later, but here we are, one-and-a-half months later, still bored out of our minds doing nothing but schoolwork, eating, binging Netflix and making and watching TikToks. It’s not the worst thing in the world but it isn’t great.

Every day is the same routine. I get up, eat, school, eat, school, eat, TikTok, Netflix, eat, sleep and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat (you get the picture!).

Maybe some days if I’m lucky I go on a walk with my mom or dad, but that only fills my boredom for an hour and then it’s back to our new normal…doing nothing.

I miss my friends and extended family, and although I never thought I would say this I miss the teachers.

It’s a weird thing we are going through because everyone misses school and their friends. Who would have thought I would miss school because I certainly didn’t! Hopefully we will be back for the last few weeks of school. It’s very unlikely at the moment, but a girl can only dream!