Quarantine Fun is now Boring, Lonely and Isolating.

April 20 2020 Clara Barry 2nd Year

As everyone reading this knows, COVID-19, aka the coronavirus, has taken over the world. It has taken jobs from many workers, leaving them jobless. The total number of confirmed cases in Ireland as of today the 20th of April 2020 is 15,652 and the total number of deaths as of today is 687. 

The last time I went to school was on the 12th of March, approximately 5 weeks ago. Since then I have not been outside my house, besides a small walk within 2km of my home. I thought it would be this great holiday and break from school but it wasn’t, it’s boring, lonely and isolating. 

The greatest difficulty for me is not seeing my friends. I went from seeing them in person every day to suddenly seeing them through a screen. Even though I’d be totally lost without social media, it’s just not the same. My ten-year-old sister who has no form of social media has had zero contact with any of her friends. For an outgoing ten-year-old, you can imagine this being hard, and it’s also hard for her to comprehend the level of seriousness of the situation we’re in.

I like the structure of going to school with teachers to motivate me to do work and learn because I struggle to motivate myself to do work. Homeschooling is difficult and tedious, it’s hard to stick to the routine of classes when you’re in your bedroom, rather than being in a classroom.

Covid-19 has resulted in almost one million people losing their jobs. My dad luckily is classified as an essential worker so he is still working four days a week. My mom works in a school and is now working from home. My family are lucky that we are not affected to badly by the economic impact of the virus.

My almost eighty-year-old Nana is now cocooning and has not left her house at all since March 12th in fear of contracting the virus. She lives alone and although she has adapted to that over the years it’s still very difficult to be alone all the time. She used to look forward to going out a couple days a week but now has nothing to look forward to.

Covid-19 has caused nothing but inconvenience and terror for the whole world. Let’s hope we can all get to see each other in the flesh soon.