Time to Organise My Wardrobe!

April 20 2020 Grace Sheehan 2nd Year

In case you’re reading this sometime in the future, right now the world is in the middle of a global pandemic, called coronavirus or COVID-19. It has affected everyone’s lives drastically. We can no longer see friends or anyone who doesn’t live in our household, and everyone is out of school and work, apart from the amazing health care and front-line staff.

As of yesterday, there are 15,251 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland and 610 deaths. We are currently in lockdown for another two weeks until May 5th (today is April 20th). I know it is hard being in isolation, but it’s going to be worth it when this is all over. Leo Varadkar (the current caretaker taoiseach) announced the new lockdown rules nearly two weeks ago, which include some restrictions like you can only travel within 2km of your house, all non-essential business have been instructed to remain closed and you can only leave the house for essential needs.

These are harsh measures, but necessary, so that we can beat the virus and flatten the curve. I think everyone is doing their bit because we all have two end goals; to keep the vulnerable healthy and to return to our normal lives! Personally, I want for the elderly and vulnerable to be healthy but also a summer that I can enjoy with my friends. I’m meant to go to Irish College in June for three weeks but that’s looking unlikely. The Leaving Certificate has been postponed to late July, maybe even August and the Junior Cycle exams has been cancelled. I feel sorry for Leaving Cert students, they must be so frustrated. I know for one that I would not be able to study for that long every day and keep motivated!

Exercise was a massive part of my everyday lifestyle before schools shut. I did over 4 hours of tennis and 5 hours of hockey every week, as well as matches and tournaments. Now, the tennis courts and hockey pitches are closed. For my exercise I have been running every second day and I usually work out every morning. It still isn’t as much as usual, but it is all I can do for now. I suppose I am lucky that my parents are fit and go running and play sports a lot, so they encourage me and ensure I get my physical activity done every day. I feel sorry for others who can’t go for a run or exercise because of where they live or their circumstances.

The pandemic is something that has never happened before and that is what is so surprising. No one knows what is going to happen or the effect it will have on us after we come out of lockdown, because it has never happened before. I want to look back on it as something that the world got through together as one unified team, fighting by staying indoors, and supporting the amazing work being done by our healthcare staff. The news has been quite depressing, with the numbers of deaths and cases going up every day, so there have been live broadcasts and events online to help keep people’s spirits up. Last night, there was a live streamed event online that consisted of loads of famous singers performing from their homes, such as Chris Martin, Lizzo and Niall Horan. It was really cool and something that had never been done before. A few weeks ago, people were asked to clap for all the health care staff at 8:30 pm and that was really special as well.

Currently, I have school work to keep me busy, but it was quite productive having a lot of time off. I organised my wardrobe and bathroom and got loads done. I have never been so organised!! Another good thing is that I get to sleep in a bit longer.

It can be quite a worrying and scary time for many, but I think the world will be different after. Everyone will appreciate school and friends, and I know for sure that I will never take being able to see my family and going places for granted ever again! There will be a nice feeling that the world got through this pandemic together, and if we were able to come together for that, it gives hope for things like climate change and world peace.