How Did We Get to Here?

April 20 2020 Mr McLoughlin

Ok so, this is weird. Officially! One day we were rushing around, trying to hold it all together: juggling classes, completing assignments, getting CBAs polished to perfection, cramming in extra-curricular activities, spending time with family and friends, perfecting those tricksy tiktok dance moves, etc., etc., etc.. You know, just living our best lives, and then suddenly – WHAM! – someone slammed on the brakes and it all stopped! All of it! You could almost hear the screech of brake pads and smell the burning rubber of tyres grappling for grip on the roads as the machinery of our lives ground to a sudden halt. Did anyone else get whiplash with the speed of the sudden shutdown? No? Maybe it was just me then.

At first it had sounded like a snorefest news item happening in some place I’d never heard of before (WUwho?), then I began to hear those sinister creepy sounds you think you hear when you’re watching a horror movie late and night…but then BOO! Before we could slap on our green face paint, fake ginger beards and celebrate our NATIONAL ICON we found ourselves smack in the middle of this dystopian sci-fi parallel universe called COVID19LIFE (note to my 5th Year English class, Margaret Atwood says we are NOT living in a dystopia at the moment. Check out the following article Thursday 19th March 2020 is gonna be etched on my memory forever. It’s definitely a day that will go down in infamy for me.

So, how the heck did we get to here and how do we all feel about where we are now? It’s nearly a month (YES! A WHOLE MONTH!) since we were last in school and I’d love to know what you’ve been up to. Me? Oh, you know, the usual, just obsessively perfecting my ‘Tiger King/Savage’ mash-up moves, walking my 2 Irish Water Spaniels (Judy & Nelly, below, pic taken from their modelling portfolio!), baking up a storm (my current favourite is the throat burningly good Gingerbread cake, courtesy of Odlums online recipes) and trying to keep my English and CSPE classes focused and busy with their distance learning school work.

Judy and Nelly