Ice-creams and Paint-Stained Hands

April 30 2020 Sinead Coleman 5th Year

I remember a few months ago hearing about the coronavirus in China and not really thinking much of it. I thought of it as another small thing in the news that I wouldn’t be hearing much of. I was very, very wrong. Little did I know that in the space of a few months my life would gradually get weirder and weirder. On the 12th of March when it was announced that schools would be temporarily closing, I wasn’t sure whether to be excited about two weeks off school or scared for what could be ahead.

At the beginning of my isolation I quite enjoyed my new alternative life. I was catching up on all the Netflix I didn’t have time for before and relaxing. I met up with friends, social distance style, and I decided that I could easily get used to this way of living. However, very soon my opinion began to change. When lockdown was announced I knew that I would struggle to get through it, but I told myself I could do two weeks and it would be okay. Now, sitting here on nearing the 6th week of lockdown, I don’t know how I’m still sane.

One thing I can say about my lockdown experience so far is that I’ve definitely experienced some things that I would never have been able to do. The most enjoyable, and equally odd, thing I did was paint my whole house with my family. We had been meaning to get the house painted around this time of year, but due to obvious reasons that wasn’t possible. We ordered two big buckets of paint and got to work on a sunny, warm day. Although my hands were cramping by the end of the day, I had an unexpectedly good time up on my roof, painting the walls. I can guarantee you I would never have considered doing anything like that in normal life. Here’s a picture of my well-deserved ice cream with paint all over my hands!

Another thing that I’ve done that I would never have been able to do if it weren’t for lockdown is cut my brother’s hair. As all the barbers are closed, his hair was looking very long and unkept, so myself and my sister decided to cut it. I have to say I’m very proud of the outcome and I thoroughly enjoyed laughing at my brother’s lack of trust in me! I know for a fact I won’t ever be let near someone’s hair with a razor again, so that was definitely a small once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.

Overall, I think I’ve been quite good at keeping myself busy every day, but the hardest thing for me is definitely missing my friends. To try to help with this as much as I can in the situation, I’ve been regularly FaceTiming my closest friends. For my friend’s 18th birthday we organised a surprise Zoom call with all of our group of friends from school. We had great fun and laughs for hours; it definitely brightened up her 18th birthday experience. So as much as I’ve been managing relatively well in lockdown, I am patiently waiting for the day I can go back to my normal life that I miss so much!