Skincare Tips For The Lockdown Blues

May 1 2020 Abbie Doyle 5th Year

As we all continue to stay home during lockdown, our days look a little quieter than they once did, but we’re still intent on making the most out of this slow pace and simpler way of living.

We’re all finding little ways to eat up our time indoors. If you haven’t baked some banana bread, hosted or played a quiz on Zoom, watched Tiger King on Netflix AND went on a ridiculous amount of walks, were you even in lockdown?

Some days we get our daily exercise in, clean our bedrooms from top to bottom, cut our sibling’s hair and squeeze every last ounce of productivity out of our days off.

I’ve found my weekends in lockdown have been a mix of Netflix bingeing and staying busy doing activities. I’ve enjoyed doing some crafty bits I normally wouldn’t have made the time for, like bleaching half of my jeans (jumping on the TikTok trend) and finding new ways to do my makeup to go absolutely nowhere! Lots of baking has been done too, of course. I have been drinking a LOT of iced coffees and lattes and sitting in my back garden in the sun, which has been really nice. Going for walks with my sister in this weather has been lovely too, although I am (frankly) sick of her! Sorry, sis.

My friends and I have been doing a quiz every Saturday evening on Zoom, and it’s now probably the highlight of my week. We’re so lucky we have all this technology! Lots of face masks have been applied, even foot peeling masks (so satisfying if you like that kinda thing), new skincare routines etc. I’ve also been trying to keep up with at home workouts: KikiFit and Chloe Ting on Youtube are so good, but they are extremely difficult when you are as unfit as me. Of course, I’m also spending hours watching Netflix. I started Money Heist over a week ago and I am nearly finished it. I have also finished Tiger King. It took me one full day to watch. I thought it was very good and I would highly recommend it!

In these times we might not be able to see our beloved hairdressers, beauticians or nail technicians for now, but good maintenance CAN be done from the comfort of our own homes. I have decided to use every Friday night as a pamper night for myself. This is a good way to switch off for the weekend and to make yourself feel fresh during this lockdown, when not all of us feel our best. I believe it’s important to take time off schoolwork and stressing because this is a difficult time for everyone.  

Here’s the do-it-yourself beauty I have been trying out during lockdown.

My skin has been looking, shall we say, a little lacklustre since lockdown began, so a thorough pamper was definitely needed to inject some life back into my complexion. I started my ‘at home facial’ by cleansing with my Lá Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser. The formula is super gentle and has a lovely cooling effect which was great to prep my skin. I then boiled the kettle and filled a bowl with hot water to draw toxins and impurities out of my pores. I let the steam do its thing for about 10 minutes and when you come to lift your head up you feel cleansed and pampered, just like being in the sauna. I spritzed my skin generously with the Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spritz (so refreshing!) and let my skin soak up its toning and balancing goodness. I always finish by applying a night cream or moisturizer to my skin so it feels super soft the next morning. I feel like I’ve finally found an ‘at home’ routine that gives my skin a deep cleanse reminiscent of a spa-worthy facial.