The Kind of Change I Like

May 1 2020 Isabelle Walshe 5th Year

Times right now are tough, tougher though for some. With the absence of school and the sudden silence of echoes of laughter in the corridors, it is a very profound loss.

Change is defined as ‘an act or process through which something becomes different’. Some people enjoy the thought of change, the idea of something new and exciting in their life. I, however, hate the possibility of change. I enjoy a strict routine with the same people, “same thing, different day”, as some would say.

I was used to my school routine. Up and out of bed at 6:30 am, put on my uniform, eat breakfast, wash my face and brush my teeth, into the car and ready to leave at exactly 7:05 am. I would arrive at school at 7:30 am every morning, swipe in and go straight to my locker, choose a subject to study and then run up to the library while avoiding the rain. I would get to the library at around 7:40 am and I would study until 8:40 am. Then the school day would begin. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a bit of an early bird!

Every time I would mention how early I arrive into school in the morning I would get a gasp from whoever I was talking to. A common question asked was “Why on earth would you come into school so early?” The answer is simple really, it’s because my mom is a nurse. She has to be in uniform and ready to start her shift at 8 am sharp and so, in turn I must be early to school.

These past few weeks, I would do anything to be back to my boring school routine, back to when my biggest worry was a class test that I had later that day, or a silly argument with one of my friends. But now, what I have to worry about is something much bigger. Thoughts pop into my head hourly about what my mom is doing in that hospital every day. The battle that she, among others, is fighting is a scary one, unpredictable and uncontrollable.

Quarantine has taught me a lot, but the most valuable thing I have learned in the past few weeks is to always be a little kinder. You can never truly know what someone is going through in their personal life. When people look at my mom, they can’t see the battle that she and her fellow workers are fighting. The same can be applied to everyone, you can’t see the battle others are fighting, be it mental or physical. Something as simple as a smile in a busy school corridor, or an easy “Oh you look pretty today”. These small things can change someone’s day, and this is the only kind of change that I like. The kind that makes someone smile.