TikTok Fame Eludes Me Still

May 1 2020 Orna Moore 5th Year

In all honesty, being stuck at home has some perks! It’s nearly 50 days since our lives have been changed completely, and I’m only now seeing that maybe it’s not all that bad! Life before coronavirus was busy; there was no time to sit down, talk to your family, check up on friends (virtually or otherwise). I look back on an average day before isolation and I ask myself ‘How did I do it?’. The 7 am start, the full day of school and staying after for homework, then going home to try and fit in study and, finally, squeeze in some down-time. It was a lot! Now, though, I can barely wake up before 10:30 am and attend 4 Zoom classes, but that’s a different conversation!

Other than the obvious cons, missing your friends and whatnot, I think everyone can take some positivity from the surreal situation we are living through. I’ve had time to read, bake, watch TV shows that I’ve been wanting to watch (causing my screen time to skyrocket!) and spend time with my family. It hasn’t been easy to find the positives, because it’s always easier to think of the negatives, but once you look past the fact that there is a global pandemic keeping us all inside you can take advantage of it!

Unsurprisingly, some days are harder than others, and my motivation to do anything other than stay in bed is at an all-time low, but everyone has these days and not every day will be productive. I think one idea that has come up over and over is the idea of this ‘productivity contest’. With all this time on our hands the idea of who can do the most in a day has become popular, and some people appear to have bought into this competition. The fact is, it’s not a productivity contest, and some days you’ll do nothing and at other times you’ll do loads.

The unknown can cause anxiety in anyone and we need to really take care of ourselves through these times. I’ve been treating myself with pamper days, movies nights, cooking and baking myself goodies and relaxing. I am very lucky, many people are really suffering and it’s important to think about these people at this time; families stuck in hotel rooms, sick and elderly family members who are cocooning and, of course, the very hard-working frontline workers putting their lives at risk to help us.

I’ve compiled a few activity ideas for anyone who’s feeling extremely bored; read (a few of my personal recommendations are Normal People, Eleanor and Park and Looking For Alaska), bake (if you haven’t already!), watch a movie (When Harry Met Sally, Toy Story 4, Mamma Mia), paint/draw (this can be really relaxing and can help you get your mind off what’s going on) and/or get TikTok famous (I have yet to achieve this!). Try to enjoy your time to yourself, take advantage of it by doing things you don’t normally get to do, and relax. There’s enough stress and worry in the world as it is!