Crazed Artist in Isolation

April 302020 Lisa Kavanagh 5th Year

It’s hard to imagine, but this whole surreal situation started for me when I showed a weird Instagram post to my friend in Burritos and Blues and consequently forgot all about it, but now it’s practically the only thing on our minds right now. Historically, this will be an amazing event that will fascinate historians of the future, but right now living in it? It feels chaotic. We are all trying to do school at home, trying not to freak out about when or if this will end and figuring out ways to cope with the stress isolation brings.

So, how have I been coping personally? Well, besides re-watching everything on Netflix and trying out every social media trend, I have been creating art to distract myself from all my worries. But since COVID-19 has given me some free time I have been creating a lot more, and I mean a lot more.

So far, into these 7 weeks I have finished two sketchbooks, relearned how to knit, customised an old hoodie, started developing a comic idea inspired by my time in isolation and yesterday my day started by creating a small teddy. Not to mention the box that is for upcoming projects I have in mind. Once I am done with one project it is onto the next project. It is just a fun way for me to relax and have fun. Being creative is just one of the ways to distract from the stress this virus brings, and there are a lot of more fun ways to cope such as writing, exercising, photography etc.

Once I am done schoolwork, time just seems to blend into itself. Sometimes I even forget what day it is! Every day just starts to feel like the movie Groundhog Day. For me, art has prevented each day feeling the same, because every day I have been starting new projects to switch up my day. In these times, it’s important to pick something up for your mental health to keep ourselves productive (not that school has not been keeping us very busy!). The most important activity you could do, though, is going outside. Going on daily walks with my sister are a must in my day and should be for you too! Being cooped up in your room for weeks on end is extremely bad for your mental health. We forget the small things that vastly help our mental health, such as eating healthy, having routines or switching up your routine a bit and being social with friends or family online. It is important that we look out for each other in isolation.

These times are very distressing, especially when you are watching the news and finding out that the death is increasing, or you find out that in certain parts of the USA they are breaking social distancing to rally against lockdown. Do I even need to explain how infuriating that is? But we must stay optimistic and keep our heads held high! So, in conclusion, pick something up that keeps you productive, keep an eye on your mental health and reach out to your friends!