COVID-19 Poem

May 26 2020 Kate Morgan 1st Year

Here’s a witty poetic response to the current situation from one of our 1st Year students, Kate Morgan. I don’t know what parents will think of the third verse!!

Covid 19 Poem

Covid 19 is like no other,

Celebrating special days without one another,

Hoping that the day will come

When we can see our friends and have some fun


Stuck at home with the fine weather,

Although we’re apart we’re still together,

People have begun to play toilet roll games

To be honest, it is not all that lame.


Schools have closed so the parents are in charge,

Homeschooling isn’t so easy when their brain isn’t so large,

With pens and books all over the place

Parents start to get agitated and get a big red face.


As days go by, worry begins to grow,

The deaths and cases in Ireland are not very low,

The country opens slowly with the first phase in place,

Although Donald Trump doesn’t think so, he enjoys a good race.


By staying at home we know people are safe,

The end will bring us joy with a smile on our face,

So stay at home and stay well,

The day will come when we can hug one another again.